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[May, 15 2018]

We have updated our privacy information.

[Dec, 07 2017]

We have found (and fixed) a minor bug in the export module which in rare cases caused missing values in the export files. We uploaded the fixed 0.1.3-beta-2 version of RootDetection. Download now.

[Nov, 27 2017]

We have uploaded a beta version of RootDetection that works with recent versions of OS X. It includes many improvements, better memory handling, native Excel export (XLS). Download now.

[Jan, 28 2013]

We are working on the next release of RootDetection. Upcoming features: Angle and curvature detection, native Excel export (XLS), improved memory usage. Stay tuned!

[May, 23 2012]

The RootDetection R Package RRootDection is available for download. Features:

[Apr, 27 2012]

RootDetection 0.1.2 is available. Improvements are:

[Feb, 28 2012]

We are happy to present RootDetection 0.1.1, our automated tool for evaluating photographs of plant roots. It detects single strand roots, traces their paths and measures the resulting lengths - completely automatic.